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Co Author

Oil on canvas and found objects

Lizamore& associates



Co-Author shows a range of artworks in which Bisschoff collaborated with select artists. Most of the work is centered on the use of found books, which is used as the primary canvas for the artworks. The focus is on oil painting and the permeating landscape. The sculptural, abstract and visceral elements of the book comes to the fore when linking artworks of different disciplines.

Bisschoff explores and joins ongoing debates around ‘the curator as artist/the artist as curator’. The idea of ‘the curator as artist’ also comes into play,and is hopefully dismissed, seeing as the ‘curator’ in this case is merely a co-author,and not a publisher.

The various artworks were not necessarily made with the other in mind, but rather given a breath of life as a companion piece to each other. Often the used books act as middleman - giving up title, content or cover for a new dimension in a singular piece. Furthermore, Co-Author builds tension between Modernist and Post Modernist schools of thought. Modernist landscape painting is continuously confronted by Post Modern mediums and techniques – challenging traditional ideas around landscape painting.

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