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Library / Biblioteek

Oil on found objects

US Woordfees 



In this digital age we find ourselves, the printed book is fighting for survival. Kindle, the e-book and other digital media applications are quickly gaining ground over the almost ‘old fashioned’ practice of printing books.

The artist views old books as precious objects and takes the idea of collecting or owning an old book a step further: by de-constructing the books and making art out of it. This gives the book a breath of life in another realm of collecting and hopefully a fair chance of longevity.

The subject matter of every artwork is inspired by the different titles of the books as the art work is in dialogue with the book covers. The end result is a private library which is created through the use of old books which have been collected by the artist. The book covers are separated from the bound books and used as canvas. These are displayed in a ‘museum’ style frame, not unlike insects displayed in a museum, with front- and back covers disconnected from the spine. 

The exhibition travelled to the Klein Karoo Nasionale Kunstefees as ´Streek Biblioteek´ were it was nominated for a KANNA award for Best Art Exhibition as well as a KYKNET Fiesta award for Best South-African Art Festival Exhibition.

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